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Therapist/counsellor, writer, artist and Reiki master based in Glasgow


out now - the chi book: reiki from the roots

how to work, play, heal and generally power up with life energy!

08 October 2020

reiki, chi, wayward publications

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sick of self-improvement?

Are you sick of 'working on yourself'? Fixing, optimising, digging deep and transforming and healing and journalling and all the rest of it - or worse, are you sick of thinking you should be doing all this stuff but you're not?

24 February 2019

crocus, spring flower<br>

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launch and release!

crowdfunding's on its way for the terrealuma healing refuge and my first musical release is out!

06 November 2018

tipi, forest, terrealuma<br>

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Catching up - changes!

Changes are afoot in my work. While my individual counselling practice is still thriving, I've been expanding into new areas...

18 August 2018

intuitive painting, creative regeneration<br>

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Terrealuma - a healing refuge

I have had a dream all my life, of creating a place that nurtures the soul

29 October 2017

healing meadow

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You are the guru

White Hot Truth, the new book by Danielle LaPorte has a simple and priceless message.

18 May 2017

danielle laporte, white hot truth <br>

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Mindfulness counselling

Mindfulness is ‘the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally to the unfolding of experience’ (John Kabat Zinn)

06 March 2017

mindfulness, counselling

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You are not your story

Is it really the case that everything we go through in life is for a reason, so we can learn from it? 

16 January 2017

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The 'something not quite right' and how focusing can help

Sometimes we just can't put our finger on what the problem is, but we do have a real sense of it. Sometimes staying with this unclear 'something' can be the best thing to do

15 January 2017

misty tree

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